Testimonials for Colonial Woodworking

Hi Paul,

Terry did a terrific job and is a delight to work with. We are blown away by how the stairs look like they grew there, and I am coming to terms with how, once again, your work steals our thunder!

Thank you !
Rich Benton

My general contractor suggested I use a custom stair builder for my stairs in order to get a dramatic look in my new house. He had worked with Colonial Woodworking in the past and was impressed with their work - boy was he right.

Paul Saxby came and helped design the staircase and railing system with us - giving us advice on materials, style, colors... (We've never done a custom staircase, so the advice was really valuable.) We used white oak, with horizontal cable rails and a lighted handrail to the second floor loft.

The installers came last week to do the cutting, trimming and installation of all the floor trim, posts and railings. They were great finish carpenters; very methodical and they paid close attention to detail.

Our house isn’t 100% finished yet, so I don't have a good photo yet but it looks fantastic. Everyone who comes to see the the house is stunned when they see the finished staircase and railings.

I highly recommend Colonial Woodworking (for simple and more complex staircases).
R. Bazelmans

Master stairbuilders! Expert craftsmen.
R. Pelletier