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Whether working with a complex design or one that is more straightforward, Colonial Woodworking offers the technical support and engineering capability to ensure the unsurpassed quality of the construction and installation of your stairs. We apply our extraordinary expertise, and years of experience, to meet the exact specifications and desires of every one of our clients.

On each of our projects, we visit the jobsite, take all field measurements and prepare all the necessary drawings. We coordinate our work with the construction schedule, build, then install both the stairs and rail system, freeing the contractor to focus on other important aspects of the construction project.

If you have construction experience, or are working directly with your contractor, you can also order our stair systems using our simple, self-explanatory specification sheets. When using this money saving option you, your designer, or your contractor are responsible for providing all field dimensions and product specifications. If you are already familiar with our work, or want us to install one of our “standard” stairs, this option can save you both time and money, while still assuring you the quality of every Colonial Woodworking staircase.